Football’s Impossible Job

It is seldom that I will write about sport, but when the FA confirmed today that, as expected, Gareth Southgate has been appointed the new England football manager on a permanent basis, I had good reason to do so. You see, a painful memory returned to my consciousness, which I will endeavour to explain and, with any luck, safely exorcise.

The Collapse: Why Societies Fail

The US-born civilization scholar, Jared Diamond, says there is not a single, easy answer to the question of why seemingly stable societies collapse. Diamond, educated at Cambridge and Harvard, with an impressive background in evolutionary biology and geography, points more broadly to five common factors that, if left unchecked, precipitate a societal collapse.

That’s royally rather expensive

At a cost of £369m, the British Treasury has announced a controversial 10-year refurbishment plan for Buckingham Palace, which since 1837 has been the primary royal residence. It is quite apparent why this development has been so fiercely debated on both sides of the argument. Indeed, those in support of the investment are not exclusively […]