1984 Bad, 2016 Worse (Part 1)

It is time to review 2016. A brave undertaking, to be sure, but someone has to do it. Across two episodes, The Aidan Project humbly presents a review of the most significant events of the year. Part one includes Brexit, Stop Funding Hate, the British press, the decline of the left, Labour’s impotence, Jihadism, Nigel Farage, David Cameron’s disappearance, and more.

2017: Great Expectations?

The world desperately misses Christopher Hitchens. He would have had little patience for the internecine conflict within the left and its ceaseless self-strangulation. Hitchens saw himself as a liberal, broadly defined. But he would not tie himself down to ideology. He was the Muhammad Ali of rational argument. He had swagger, for sure, but his ability to propel his arguments with energy and panache was unmatched.

The Salon: Craig Sennett

Craig Sennett joins me in the Salon for this edition of The Aidan Project Podcast. Craig owns an IT company and is also involved in marketing. Outside work, Craig invests his time assisting numerous charities. On the show, we discuss technology, Artificial Intelligence, the media, Brexit, the tragic events in Berlin, Islam, immigration, Donald Trump, charity, and more. We have also both seen Rogue One, but do not worry, there are no spoilers here.

Reflections of a Mature Student

This edition of The Aidan Project blog is something of a public service announcement for would-be mature students. It is for those of you out there who have considered taking the leap into higher education but, for whatever reason, have put it off. If this does not speak to you in this context, then I hope you may still find my reflections interesting for what they are.

The Salon: Daniel Coughlan

The Aidan Project Podcast’s first Salon edition has arrived. The Salon is a cosy place for Enlightened thinking and discussion. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and settle down.

In this edition, I am talking to amateur athlete and marketing professional, Daniel Coughlan, about a wealth of subjects, including his experiences as a football (soccer) coach in both the United States and Britain. We also discuss athletics, cycling, the Olympics, his Iron Man exploits, nature versus nurture, motivation, nutrition, why he has given up eating meat, and much more besides, including endemic problems within British sport. Daniel is a marketing whizz by day, so I also asked him for advice for business owners who have limited budgets. Daniel is a super nice guy who is a pleasure to talk to, so enjoy the show, and please share if you can.

Louis XIV: An Absolute Monarch?

In a recent podcast, I discussed the merits of concerns that the next United States President may turn Washington on its head and govern as a maniacal autocrat. I looked at the culture of the US and reached a conclusion about the likelihood of Trump ruling the States as a modern absolute monarch. This blog takes a look at absolute monarchy, investigating the limitations in practice of the man most associated with the term absolutism, Louis XIV of France.

The Man of the Year and The Führer

On this edition of the Aidan Project podcast, I take a detailed look at Time magazine’s Man of the Year, Donald Trump, and the lessons of history that can be gained from his remarkable election victory. Is Trump a modern-day Hitler? Which other US President has Trump been compared to? Is a former Italian leader the best comparison to Trump? No, not Mussolini. Is the fear of Trump as a maniacal tyrant realistic or misplaced? This question and more are covered in an interesting episode. Thank you for your interest – please subscribe and spread the word by sharing with your online communities.