The Westminster Bubble

The people of the United Kingdom go to the polls on Thursday, June 8 to cast their vote in the General Election. In an upcoming podcast, I will run through the key policies and pledges from the major parties to provide a non-partisan, aide memoire of what each party is standing for. With returning guest,  political commentator, Joshua Thomas, I will also run down the results of the previous election (which seems like another era entirely), along with profiles of the party leaders and the key debates which are driving the election narrative.

Do you have a question on the manifestos, the election process, or perhaps the inescapable, looming Brexit issue which led to the Conservatives calling for this early election?

You can send a question via Twitter (@theaidanproject) or leave a question below. I will get through as many of them as I can.

The podcast will be released on Wednesday, May 31, eight days before the election. Following the result, I will release a short commentary on Friday, June 9 detailing the political landscape we in the UK find ourselves in.

Furthermore, I am hoping to provide a first-hand summary, perhaps even audio, of Professor A.C. Grayling’s speech regarding Brexit when he visits East Anglia’s University of Suffolk next month. And still further, if schedules permit, I am looking to speak to Dr. Benedict Beckeld again in the near future, perhaps reflecting on the UK political scene, as we did regarding the United States following the stunning election win of Donald Trump last November. If you have not listened to the episode, I would say it is the best Aidan Project Podcast thus far, where, as ever, no punches were pulled in the pursuit of honest conversation.

So, please stay tuned, or should I say, please stay subscribed?


Project Extra: Beyond Brexit

In this edition of The Aidan Project, enjoy previously unreleased audio from the episode ‘On Liberty and Free Speech’ with Joshua Thomas. In this bonus episode, Aidan and Joshua discuss UKIP, UK voting reform, Brexit, and the British left. For more information on Joshua, you can catch Liberty Live every Saturday evening at 8PM GMT on YouTube, where you can also find the Political Conundrum Podcast. Joshua is on Facebook ( and YouTube (

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The Fake News Agenda

In this edition of the Aidan Project, Aidan is joined by Gary Herman to discuss press freedom, fake news, citizen journalism and the future of a free press in a digital age. Also discussed on this show is Donald Trump’s scheduled autumn visit to the United Kingdom, why journalists often refrain from pressing public figures on evaded questions, ‘Stop Funding Hate’, the lack of trust of the public in the media, Facebook as a news source, Leveson, and much more. Gary is a member of the British National Union of Journalists and has been campaigning for press and broadcasting freedom for 37 years. Gary sits on the National Council of The Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom (, which is funded by membership and trade unions. Established in 1979, the CPBF strives for a more accountable, freer and diverse media. Gary has a background in journalism and writing, beginning his career as a freelance journalist and author, specialising in film and popular music and authoring or co-authoring a number of books. If you would like to find out more information about Gary, you can visit

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Left to Die: Whilst Liberals Slept

This episode of The Aidan Project tackles the moral confusion of the liberal argument, and the intellectual self-harm being conducted by the left. The rise of Trump, and the Brexit result can surely, at least in part, be explained by the inner fighting on the left, which has moved many to the centre, and on some issues, to the right, in the search for a measure of much-needed honesty. The left has a lot of work to do; Aidan is aghast that the left is not willing to defend basic constructs of liberalism by not being honest about its unpalatable challenges. This episode also looks at Trump’s conduct thus far in 2017. Thank you for listening. Please do take a moment to subscribe, be it via WordPress, iTunes, YouTube or Stitcher et al, as this truly assists in getting this argument out there. This is a wake-up call.

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The Salon: Richard Payne

In this edition of The Salon, Aidan is joined by Richard Payne to discuss his experiences in the Merchant Navy, living in Germany, his University life as a mature student of history, and a number of interesting topics, all the way from Karl Marx to Jeremy Corbyn. Indeed, some may argue that the aforementioned Marx and Corbyn are not far enough apart politically to enable Labour to win an election. Richard and Aidan also discuss Brexit, Donald Trump, National Service, the British identity, and also delve into philosophy, featuring a disagreement regarding free will and determinism. However, Richard and Aidan certainly agree on the thorny subject of the Daily Mail’s poisonous agenda. Agree or disagree, thank you for listening. Debate is healthy. Well, at least it should be.