History: The Executioner of Bad Ideas

Death, in some cases, is justified. A death resulting from a legitimate act of self-defence, or the adoption of euthanasia by an informed mind who no longer wishes to suffer are two such examples. But the state, when no longer threatened by the incarcerated individual, has no moral justification to pull the lever or press the button to end a life.

The Salon: Ben Lewry´╗┐

What is it like working as a doorman? Standing in the cold for hours on end, dealing with various examples of disagreeable behaviour and trying to keep others safe can often mean that working as a doorman proves to be a thankless task. On this episode of The Aidan Project Podcast’s Salon edition, Aidan is joined by Ben Lewry, an experienced doorman and a Security Industry Authority approved trainer in the East of England. Ben is proactive in sharing security advice, including the dangers of excessive drinking, how to avoid becoming a victim of theft, and being alert to the threat of terrorism. On the show, Ben offers his views on numerous topics, including the current terrorist threat, human rights, British drinking culture, the safety of vulnerable females and cuts in police budgets.